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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many jars are in a case?

12 jars.

2. How do you open these jars?

Running jars under hot water for a few minutes will loosen the seal.

3. How should I store this product?

Jars should be stored in a dark, cool area for long-term storage. Once opened, jars should be refrigerated.

4. Is there tax?

There is no tax on our product when ordering from us directly.

5. Why is there no expiry date?

Our product is shelf stable, just as other canned goods and dried foods. This means that the product can survive long periods of storage without spoiling.

6. What are these numbers on my lid?

These numbers refer to the day of the year your product was jarred. These help with traceability.

7. Do you have other products?

We now sell jarred pears! Order them today by clicking here.

8. What retail locations are you in?

Retail locations near you can be found under our locations tab. Click here

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