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Your peaches got me through some tough times when I didn’t have a appetite and had difficulty swallowing food. They were yummy and smooth on the tummy. The nutrients provided me with energy to get through the day. I would highly recommend them to cancer patients as well as the everyday person. I will definitely order some... Now I’m craving them. 


Just wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful bottled peaches. I saw them at Dresden Deli in Wallaceburg, and they looked so appealing I couldn't resist. It is so nice to be able to SEE what you're buying. The taste lived up to their appearance as well. It's been a very long time since my mother and I used to can our own peaches, and they looked just like yours. She taught me to be very particular in choosing the fruit to use and how to pack them. Yours reflect the same sort of care. You can certainly take pride in your product. Thank you.



Great tasting peaches. Best that I have had in years. Glad that I found them at Sobey's.


Picked up a jar of your peaches at Crunican Orchards store, Richmond Street North London and I love them!

Rave to these awesome sliced peaches, grown in Blenheim! These are worth every penny.

I went back 20 mins later and grabbed another jar. They didn't last too long once the kids got them.

It has real ingredients, no fillers etc. Doesn't taste like metal, like the canned ones do. Local is the way to go.


Its buying local, which puts that money back into our community which helps us. Plus yummy peaches. I look at the extra costs when buying local. Not gonna pay much less in the big stores for top brands... Just my view.


LOVE these! Best packed peaches I've ever had! SO worth the money - not heavily syrupped/sugared, and LOCAL! Available in local grocery store i.e. Foodland & Sobeys


Just finished a jar of Golden Acres peaches #buylocal #productofcanada



Your peaches are excellent :)

Golden Acres peaches are the best! I can finally buy peaches that taste just like the ones my Grandma used to make! I have used them in sauces, desserts, chutneys; they are incredibly versatile! But the best way to eat them is straight out of the jar! They also make excellent stocking stuffers for hard-to-buy family members!!!


I bought a jar at Fortinos in Hamilton when they were handing out samples. They are so delicious! Even my kids, who are very fussy eaters, love them. Please don't sell out to President's choice as they will no doubt ruin them. Fabulous!


The peaches are nice and firm, and the taste is flavourful without being overly sweet. It's also nice that they are packaged in a glass jar so they don't have that metal taste that you get from canned peaches. Oh, and they are grown and packaged locally!! (full disclosure - I am related to the owner's wife. However, my review is my honest opinion).


Imagine having peaches year round that taste like they were just picked. Golden Acres peaches are the best peaches I have ever tasted and have become a staple breakfast food for me, as well as a snack or dessert. Many of my friends also love these peaches. My hairstylist is thrilled to receive a jar as a tip. My chiropractor will eat an entire jar for his lunch. My good friend now orders them by the case as well. I am part of what we jokingly call the Peach Pipeline with these peaches being transported from Blenheim to Newmarket via a friend.


I love peach pancakes with whipped cream...mmmm!


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