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The Peaches You Can't Stop Eating

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Our goal is to provide a locally grown and great-tasting product that's produced in an environmentally sustainable way for consumers who care about where their food comes from. We want to provide consumers with a local alternative to big brand and foreign suppliers at a reasonable cost.


We are third generation family farmers located in Blenheim, Ontario who have grown up and reside in the “Heart of the Golden Acres”.


In the past our peach orchard spanned 53 acres and consisted of four different peach varieties. This made us one of the largest peach orchards in Ontario.


Due to changes in the industry and an increase in labour costs, our focus has shifted from producing to processing. Although we no longer grow our own peaches, we locally source all fruit, jars, lids and labels.

The Jar

Ontario grown and processed jarred peaches and pears in extra light syrup. Our locally sourced peaches and pears are packed in 1-pint glass mason jars, providing consumers with a visual of their food.

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